How does Loop reinvent recycling?


Good for your business

We offer a technological solution, composed of container receiving machines linked to our platform in the cloud, which will be responsible for boosting sales of your business through Recycling.

- Fidelity and rewardness of your customers

- Increase your trade activity by encouraging good environmental practices

- Set up your own campaings

- Determine the number of coupons you wish to deliver

- Make your own strategy, our platform executes it for you

Users convenience

Users who are customers of a business, students, collaborators, etc., do not have to change their daily routes to leave their containers, be encouraged or change their prizes.

They always have quick and easy access to our machines, located in the places they usually visit. Our devices generate a clean, safe environment, free of bad odors or waste. LOOP is convenient, fast and easy.

Excellent for the environment

We offer a technological solution, composed of container receiving machines linked to our platform in the cloud, which will be responsible for boosting sales of your business through Recycling.

Through our solution, we prevent them from reaching the seas, rivers and mountains.

We turn the action of deposit into a positive effect for companies and the environment

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These are the benefits of our solution

Increase in sales through recycling

Generation of more traffic in points of sale

Customer loyalty

On-site Brand Exposure (RVMs are advertising TOTEMS)

System of Issuance and Application of Digital Coupons for customers and store

Statistics, consumption behavior

Convenience: The machines are located in places that you tend to visit.

Awareness: Generates habit and responsibility of collection

Incentivation: I get benefit from my recycling

Environmental responsibility:Constant contribution to the planet

Information and Advertising of products through the APP to the users cell phones

Publicity, a product of value for the media


Management Plan for recyclable containers, ¡Its on us!

Encourage good environmental practices in their clients

Social responsibility, image for your company

Quantification: Record of my deposits

Collect: Recycle in a cleaner, neater way, etc.

Family Program: Plan of incentivation of the new generations

Benefits of recycling through our system


Not only is it a sustainable way to recycle containers, bottles and cans that guarantees the continuity of the businesses where our solution is implemented, but also increases the longevity of natural resources, preserving them, minimizing the impact on the planet and working on awareness of the society.

Why is our service innovative and different?'

We developed a unique platform

Thanks to the information generated by our container receiving machines, integrated into our cloud platform, we obtain important data that will help us to potentiate business in a sustainable manner, giving us the possibility to identify high traffic critical points by type of material in our country, as well as information about users and their consumption behavior.

What is a container receiving machine?

A container receiving machine is a device in which people can return beverage containers, bottles and cans for recycling. The machine in return returns an incentive that can be a digital coupon or money to the end user. This is what makes it a "reverse" vending machine.

How does the Cloud Loop work?

The Cloud Loop is the site in the cloud where all the information generated by the container receiving machines is processed, this data helps us to boost the economy of our customers by means of statistics and consumption study of each user that uses our solution. Also providing important information about the bottles traffic that our system processes.

¿Cómo utilizar nuestras máquinas?

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